William A. Macdonald’s essays

in The Globe and Mail

Since late May 2015, Bill Macdonald has authored a series of essays on the Canadian narrative of mutual accommodation that have appeared in The Globe and Mail newspaper and website.

These essays, and the original publication “Canada Still the Unknown Country”, have become a cornerstone for our Canadian Difference online bilingual community, and the drive to spark insightful discussion on key challenges facing the country today.

All material can also be found on this site as they provide context and support to the ongoing discussions.


Canada, Still the Unknown Country

Mutual accommodation as a defining feature of Canada's success

The list of current articles:

  1. Canada’s 150th year could be as pivotal as 1867 and 1967
  2. Why a failed bid for electoral reform is a win for Canada
  3. Calm, compassion, and common sense will help forge a way forward
  4. Important Brexit lessons for an anxious, fraying world
  5. An urgent call for national (economic) unity in Canada
  6. In dealing with Uncle Sam, Canada must be patient and firm
  7. Next stop for the NDP: the end of the road
  8. Why the Liberals’ budgetary best is likely still to come
  9. Canada could play a major role in strengthening U.S.-China relations
  10. Can Trudeau’s optimism survive in a world of every-nation-for-itself?
  11. To revive Canada’s economy, reward those who pitch in
  12. To transform Canada’s economy, Trudeau needs to be a ‘bold builder’
  13. Justin Trudeau can’t afford to ignore Canada’s economic challenges
  14. Truth and reconciliation: Will this time be any different?
  15. There’s a big risk in doing too little for Syria’s refugees
  16. Justin Trudeau’s sunny ways – and a storm on the horizon
  17. The trouble with going back to the future
  18. No Trump: The best bid for Canadian-U.S. prosperity
  19. Time to reconsider the nature of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
  20. Overcoming Islamophobia: Fear is never the best basis for action
  21. A new role for Canada and the U.S. in a world of persistent menace
  22. Canada’s major challenges as it finds its way into the future
  23. How Canada’s eight leaders of special vision guided the way
  24. To be a global role model, Canada must realize what sets it apart
  25. The magic of the Canadian ideal