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Canada continues to enter international trade agreements, many of which have controversial provisions that some industries find damaging. This raises questions about whose interests are considered when these deals are made and also what concessions should Canada and Canadians make to be a part of these agreements.
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Assistant Professor, Bishop's University
Canada’s engagement in international trade and investment is highly political, effecting groups at home and abroad. Canada cannot do without free trade, yet it is important to balance economic interests with social, cultural and environmental concerns. As the opposition to the TPP and CETA have shown, this new generation of trade deals has been highly controversial due to their expansive nature - these are not trade agreements in the traditional sense, aiming primarily to reduce tariffs on... read more
Assistant Professor of Political Studies, Trent University
Between Britain voting to leave the European Union and Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential election, the voices of those questioning globalization were loudly expressed in 2016. In Canada, the backlash against economic integration has been more muted, and in fact the Liberal federal government made a strong eleventh-hour push to save the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) signed with the European Union in October 2016. Can this deal lead to “inclusive growth,” as the... read more

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Don’t Be Fooled by Liberal Spin on CETA Deal (in Opinion)
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So why all the secrecy on TPP?
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Is More Trade Liberalization the Remedy for Canada’s Trade Woes?
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Meet François-Philippe Champagne, Trudeau’s new trade minister
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Chrystia Freeland, a foreign minister for the Donald Trump era
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Trump adviser offers Canada reassurances on trade, Nafta
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Canada and the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Entering a New Era of Strategic Trade Policy
Added: February 6, 2017 • Author: Laura Dawson and Stefania Bartucci • 0 DR
Transparency and public participation in the Canadian trade policy process
Added: February 6, 2017 • Author: Robert Wolfe • 0 DR
Indigenous Peoples and Mining: Good Practice Guide, Second Edition
Added: March 6, 2017 • Author: International Council on Mining & Metals • 0 DR
Dark side of Canadian mining activities overseas brought to light
Added: March 6, 2017 • Author: Andrew Lodge • 0 DR
75% of the World's Mining Companies Are Based in Canada
Added: March 6, 2017 • Author: Dave Dean • 0 DR
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