Muslims in Canada:

The debate about terrorism and extremism is ultimately only about a tiny number of people. Yet underneath all of these debates are the lives and experiences of many Canadians. In the aftermath of almost fifteen years of the “war on terror” do...

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Canada: Global Citizen

International Trade

1 discussionLed by Zoe Williams & Devin Penner
Full launch March 6, 2017

Canada continues to enter international trade agreements, many of which have controversial provisions that some industries find damaging. This raises questions about whose interests are considered when these deals are made and also what...

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Indigenous Peoples

Education and Social Services

Led by Trent Team (Discussion Moderator)
Begins March 6, 2017

Indigenous communities in Canada face tremendous obstacles in accessing educational and other social services. The high cost of food and housing in remote areas exacerbates the vulnerability of the population. Secondary school dropout rates are...

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Mutual Accommodation: A Better Way of Doing Things?

Let’s discuss one of the most profound facets of the Canadian experience – mutual accommodation. At key moments in Canada’s past, the need to accommodate difference – between Canadians, with our neighbours, and with our northern geography – has...

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William A. Macdonald’s essays in The Globe and Mail

Since late May 2015, Bill Macdonald has authored a series of essays on the Canadian narrative of mutual accommodation that have appeared in The Globe and Mail newspaper and website... read more

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