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The nature of international security has changed dramatically in recent years - since the end of the Cold War and since 2001. Security threats increasingly come from non state-actors. How prepared is Canada to address international security in the...

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First Nations


1 discussionLed by Jim Miller & JF Arteau
Full launch October 3, 2016

There was a legal relationship, an interaction between European and First Nations legal systems, that existed at the foundation of European settlement in northern North America, enshrined in the written treaties and in First Nations peoples’ oral...

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Muslims in Canada


Led by Trent Team
Begins October 3, 2016

For the past 14 years there has been a concern that violent extemism is a threat to the west and recently Harper stated this is Canada’s biggest security threat. This is reflected in Canada’s current discussions around homegrown terrorism and...

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Mutual Accommodation: A Better Way of Doing Things?

Let’s discuss one of the most profound facets of the Canadian experience – mutual accommodation. At key moments in Canada’s past, the need to accommodate difference – between Canadians, with our neighbours, and with our northern geography – has...

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William A. Macdonald’s essays in The Globe and Mail

Since late May 2015, Bill Macdonald has authored a series of essays on the Canadian narrative of mutual accommodation that have appeared in The Globe and Mail newspaper and website... read more

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