Discussion Etiquette

The Canadian Difference community is dedicated to creating insightful and thought-provoking discussion that engages a diverse audience of Canadians across the country.

A. To achieve this goal when participating in discussions, all members should:

Be nice. Be respectful. Be succinct. Think about how you would behave in a face-to-face situation. Respect not only others’ opinions, but also their time.

Welcome and respect all opinions expressed. All posts appear with your real name, not a user name. Every opinion is as valid as yours.

Read up on material. A list of resources and news articles is prepared for each discussion to provide a good understanding of the subject and to enrich the conversation. Please make good use of it. And if there is additional material that you would recommend be added, use the “Suggest a Resource” or “Suggest a News Article” to share it with us.

Stay relevant. Stay on topic. Consider the discussion overview and existing comments to make sure that your thoughts and insights are being added to the right discussion. If your contribution would be more appropriate for a new discussion, then Contact Us to tell us more.

Use proper grammar and spelling. Make sure your posts and comments garner worthy responses, not corrections.

Report unbecoming behaviour. If you see behaviour that is offensive to the group, report it. (see process below)

B. The behaviour we will not tolerate:

Insulting other members. Opposing views and constructive criticism are valuable contributions to any worthwhile discussion. Insults are not welcome and trading insults with another member adds no value for anyone.

Being intentionally rude. Part of belonging to a community of peers is treating them as you would like to be treated. Rudeness has no place here.

Bullying or personal attacks. Attacking other commenters adds nothing to a conversation and has no place in this community.

Trolling. Posting inflammatory, extraneous, or deliberate off-topic messages (i.e. not within the bounds of the current discussion) is not a good use of anyone’s time or space in this community. Chances are you will be reported by another member.

C. The action we will take to maintain a respectful community:

Moderate your Post or Comment. This is the job of the Discussion moderators. Please review Our Process below to see what happens with content that is disrespectful.

Investigate all Reports. All members are encouraged to report undesirable behaviour. Click “Report” on the actual post and we will investigate.

D. Our process to address inappropriate behaviour:

1st violation: You will receive an email asking you to edit your post within a set timeframe. If you do not act accordingly, you will receive a warning and your post will be removed.

2nd violation: Your post will be automatically removed and you will receive the appropriate warning.

3rd violation: You will be removed as a member of the community.

Please Note: Any member who contravenes the Terms of Use will be subject to an automatic and lifetime ban from the Canadian Difference community.